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The Once and Future Christendom

Darrick Taylor writes about Christendom Lost and Found in his essay at Crisis Magazine, describing it as, “One of the best books I have encountered for thinking through these issues”.

Why Do (Mass-going) Catholics Resent God?

Many congregants arrive late, are dressed inappropriately, do not sing the hymns, become lifeless during the homily, receive Holy Communion indifferently, and then scramble to the exits at the first opportunity.

Read the essay at Crisis Magazine.

We’re Just One Saint Away!!! Matt Archbold of Creative Minority Report Joins Fr. McTeigue

The world is dark and darkening. The Church is sounding an uncertain trumpet. I spoke to Fr. Robert McTeigue about this on the radio. If you have a moment, please listen.

The Catholic Current: We welcome back Matt Archbold of Creative Minority Report to continue our reflections on Fiducia Supplicans and the recent Roman scandals. How can we respond with Faith, rather than hopium and copium? Father finishes with Timely Thoughts.

Listen here.

College Fix editor discusses ‘faith, morals & madness’ on college campuses

College Fix Associate Editor Matt Lamb recently joined “The Catholic Current” with Robert McTeigue, a Jesuit priest, to discuss “faith, morals, and madness” on college campuses.

Lamb and McTeigue discussed a series of College Fix articles, including Barnard College’s abortion film contest and a Princeton University Democrat who said he does not want to eat with conservatives. They also discussed the University of San Diego covering abortion in its student health insurance plan, despite being a Catholic school.

New Oxford Review, Letters to the Editor: December 2023

All Hail, Catholic Inc.

“As much as I would like to disagree with Fr. Robert McTeigue — being at odds with Jesuits is all the rage these days — I read his article “The Cult of the Imperial Self” (Oct.) as if he wrote it with a kindred spirit to my own. Though the whole thing is worth reading, the following sentence encapsulates the spirit of his article and the spirit of the age: “Too many Catholics have apostatized in favor of the secular culture and the imperial self, playing the roles of entertainer and the entertained. Among them, the worship of God and the sacrifice of self continue to fade.”

This statement should serve as a wake-up call, an occasion for putting on sackcloth and ashes as we beg the Lord to spare Nineveh. Alas, Fr. McTeigue’s statement — to which many of us can relate with ease — seems to have gone largely unnoticed by the gatekeepers of what I call “Catholic Inc.”

Continue to read this Letter to the Editor on New Oxford Review.

Fr. Z’s Commentary on Fr. McTeigue’s Response to Tim Glemkowski: “Eucharistic Revival”

“A couple weeks ago, I brought to your attention a 4 November piece at Catholic World Report by Fr. Robert McTeigue, SJ, which commented on the “Eucharistic Revival” which is underway under the impulse of the bench of bishops.   Fr. McTeigue pointed out a serious difficulty in advancing a “Eucharistic Revival” without also striving to revive the Sacrament of Penance, confession.  It makes sense, no?  What sort of revival would it be were the number of sacrilegious Communion to increase even beyond what the horrifying numbers are now?

Right after, on 7 November, the CEO of the National Eucharistic Congress, Inc. (I’m not making that up), Tim Glemkowski, responded to Fr. McTeigue with an emotional defense. I debated getting into that piece here, with some “zisking”, but … the efforts for “Eucharistic Revival”, though perhaps a bit narrow, are nevertheless worthy and I didn’t think embarrassing this fellow was up to the mark. Besides, I knew in my bones that Fr. McTeigue would respond to the response.

Today at Crisis, Fr. McTeigue does indeed respond to Mr. Glemkowski.”

Continue reading Fr. Z’s blog.

Still Concerned About the Eucharistic Revival: A Response to Tim Glemkowski

“Dear Tim,

Thanks so much for your response to my recent essay regarding Eucharistic Revival and the Eucharistic Congress. You were so openhanded in offering me the benefit of your erudition and experience that I’m moved to reciprocate. I’ve been a communicator as a teacher, preacher, author, and broadcaster for 33 years, and my experience will color my response. For 26 of those years, I’ve been a priest.”

Continue reading in Crisis Magazine Father’s response to Tim Glemkowski.

The Catholic World Report: Working for a Eucharistic revival: A response to Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J.

“As a longtime reader of Catholic World Report, I was surprised to read the recent essay “Will there be a Eucharistic revival?”, by Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J., published on November 4 on this site.

The tone of this particular article is what I found particularly concerning. Personal criticisms of the organizers and phrasing like “sins of omission” aside, I found Fr. McTeigue’s line of argumentation so confusing and ill-informed that it seemed prudent, and even just, to respond.”

Read Tim Glemkowski article on The Catholic World Report.

The Catholic World Report: Will there be a Eucharistic Revival?

“Why invest so much time, personnel, and money into a form of Eucharistic Revival and a National Eucharistic Congress that cannot achieve its stated purposes?

The organizers of the Eucharistic Congress, the great capstone event of the three-year Eucharistic Revival (already underway), the people who like to remind us that, “Revival is in the air!”, have nothing else to say about confession and the Eucharistic Congress. I could end here with, “And that’s why there won’t be a Eucharistic Revival.” But let’s look closer.”

Read Father’s new essay at The Catholic World Report.

New Oxford Review: The Cult of the Imperial Self


“Recently, Sampson and I drove to hear a talk by Mr. Famous Catholic. Sampson is a native of the area, so he agreed to drive us to New Babylon. I respect Famous Catholic greatly, so I gritted my teeth and braced for the difficult trip. It would be taxing due to the traffic, which is always miserable in that part of the country. It’s either excruciatingly slow or at a pace and volume that invite painful lessons in applied physics.

Along the way, I saw what most Americans see daily: strip malls, graffiti, pitted roads, litter, and a nearly complete absence of nature or beauty. How do people endure this? How can anyone say it’s not an affront and a harm to the human spirit?”

Continue reading the essay at the New Oxford Review.

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