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Month September 2020

Jon Leonetti in the Morning

Fr. Robert McTeigue on his book and the importance of Philosophy in our lives.

Real Presence Live Interview

Is philosophy for regular people?

Listen to the interview on Real Presence Live.

Son Rise Morning Show

Author Interview with Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J.

The Ed Morrissey Show

How can we embrace philosophy as laymen? It’s not as difficult as you might think, especially if (like me) you’ve been cowed by Summa Theologica. Fr. Robert McTeigue discusses his new book Real Philosophy for Real People, and shows us how we can make practical use of the wisdom of ages in our daily lives.

Watch The Ed Morrissey Show.

Driving Home the Faith Interview

GRN Alive Interview

A Jesuit guide to using philosophy in real life

As an academic philosopher, what’s your elevator pitch to incoming college students about why they should study philosophy, a discipline that seems to draw fewer majors every year?

There are powers and principalities in this world that want to harm you, lie to you, addict you and corrupt your soul. Philosophy gives you a really great lie detector. It also gives you a great set of tools for knowing the truth, loving the truth and doing the truth.

Read the essay at America Magazine.

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