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Month October 2020

Father McTeigue Wants You to Learn Philosophy

People who find philosophy to be of little practical value are “likely doing it wrong,” says the Catholic philosopher.

Socrates had important answers to the big questions in life. But he was especially good at asking questions, helping his students use their own reason to discover answers that were available to them all along.

I have had a similar experience whenever I am a guest on Jesuit Father Robert McTeigue’s “Catholic Current” radio show (distributed by the Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network). He asks great questions, arising from a great depth of knowledge and his long experience as a philosophy and theology professor in North and Central America, Europe and Asia. 

Read the essay at The National Catholic Register.

The Fringe with Megan Fox Podcast

Today’s sneak peak is with philosopher priest Father Robert McTeigue host of the Catholic Current.


Yet whether we like it or not, almost every corner of our lives—from dissertation writing to channel surfing—brings us face to face with competing philosophies and world views, each claiming to tell us definitively what it means to be human. How can we know which one is right? And what difference does it make?

Dr. Gregory Popcak & Fr. Robert McTeigue – Catholic Answers Live

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