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Month November 2020

Fall books for the intentional Catholic

If the study of philosophy seems a little daunting to most of us, Father Robert McTeigue, Jesuit and professor, has written a book to help. While the author doesn’t shy away from calling on, and educating readers about, philosophers from Aristotle to John Mill Stuart, he tempers the chapters with anecdotes from his students and applications to everyday life. His foundation, of course, is the truth of the Faith and the counsel of the saints, and his goal is to show how the principles of Catholic philosophy can guide our decisions and bring meaning to a world filled with “fake” philosophy and uncertain morals. Dr. Robert J. Spitzer, SJ, who contributes the afterword to the book, calls it “an essential readable ‘tool kit’ to help today’s readers assess and critique the many competing philosophies” encountered in the culture today.

Check the book listing at Our Sunday Visitor.

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