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Month February 2021

A Thoroughly American Philosophical Mess

Our culture lacks anything resembling a consistent intellectual and moral framework.

This problem is one of those tackled by radio host and lecturer Robert McTeigue, S.J. in his book Real Philosophy for Real People: Tools for Truthful Living. He suggests we suffer from two dilemmas. Not only do we find it difficult to talk with our neighbors (who often subscribe to an entirely different conception of truth and the good), but we even find it difficult to articulate our own conception of such things. As philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre argues, it is emotivismā€”not coherent, rational logicā€”that pervades our social and political institutions, and modernity and postmodernity have, in effect, left us up an epistemological creek without a paddle. This is compounded by the fact that most Americans lack the ā€œtime, energy, ability, or inclinationā€ to sort through the many ā€œcompeting voices, ideologies, or enthusiasmsā€ found in the diversity of our media sources.

Read the essay at The American Conservative.

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