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Month November 2022

The Katie McGready Show: Talks to Fr. McTeigue about His New Book, ‘Christendom Lost and Found’

Listen to The Katie McGready Show interview.

Driving Home the Faith

Today, Jesuit Fr. Robert Robert McTeigue discusses whether we’ve lost Christendom or whether we’re finding it.

(Interview with Fr. McTeigue begins at approximately 9:52)

Even Catholic Social Transformation Must Be Rooted in Prayer

In a very interesting series of “meditations for a post post-Christian era”, Jesuit Fr. Robert McTeigue shares what is essentially a journal of his thoughts during the COVID era of 2020-2021, under the arresting title of Christendom Lost and Found. In his own reflective and anecdotal way, Fr. McTeigue emphasizes the perception that if we are not seeking to shape a society that is Christian in every possible respect, we aren’t really living a fully Christian life.

Read the essay at Catholic Culture.

Interview: Christendom Lost and Found with Fr. Robert McTeigue

Revitalizing Christian faith and culture in a post post-Christian era

It was 2020, in the depth of COVID lockdowns, when one priest began writing. The unthinkable was taking place: Easter in the United States would be “canceled”. Churches would be shuttered. It was in this environment that Christendom Lost and Found: Meditations for a Post Post-Christian Era was written — a series of meditations about the state of the Church and Christendom, along with thoughts about where we ought to go from here.

Read the article at the Catholic World Report.

Seize the Day: Christendom Lost and Found Interview

Gus Lloyd interviews Father McTeigue about his new book, “Christendom Lost and Found”.

View interview.

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