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Month February 2023

Join Father McTeigue for a talk on his new book, ‘Christendom Lost and Found’

Resistance Writer — Touchstone Magazine

The most poignant of the unwittingly revealing prefaces of a story that ends badly begins with, “All I wanted was . . . ” This morning, as I was oscillating between the dozing and waking states, there popped into my stream of consciousness the recognition that maybe —just maybe —on a day in which I had nothing else scheduled, I could get some writing done, without interruptions. Fortunately, I’ve a place I can get away to occasionally, as near to a scriptorium as I can hope to find within easy reach. (That fact alone qualifies me for cosmic wrath. Who am I to upset the balance of nature by striving for an unqualified good?)

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Retrieving What Has Been Lost: An Interview with Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J.

“This book was written as kind of a ‘war journal’ and a spiritual diary,” says the author of Christendom Lost and Found: Meditations for a Post-Post Christian Era, “As a result of writing this book, I have more confidence in God and less confidence in man.”

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Bannon’s War Room: The Importance of Lent

McTeigue: Lent is here – and we need it more than ever

Lent? Again? Really?

Catholics of various stripes — including the fallen away, the alienated, the angry, the indifferent and the earnest —may be wondering why the Church is still marking the season of Lent at this late date in our secular culture.

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Fr. McTeigue on A Catholic Take with Joe McClane

A Brief History of Our Annihilation–THE FRONTLINE TV

Preaching in a Time of Misdirecting Shepherds

Let’s start with the Gospel of Matthew, 10:26-32. There we can learn something about the general judgment. We’re all mindful (or should be) of our own particular judgment, but there is the general judgment where all will be revealed for the greater glory of God. It must be revealed for all not only that God is merciful, but that God is just and that God’s judgments are right and true.

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Yes, Some Moral Acts Are Disordered—Here’s Why


According to legend, these words were emblazoned upon a sign at a booth taking signatures for a petition at a Lilith Fair, a popular summer concert series featuring female musicians. A comedian had set up the scam in order to demonstrate the alarming ignorance of the American electorate. The story goes that he collected hundreds of signatures, and no one was the wiser.

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Thoughtful Repartee About the Times — and How Christians Can Best Respond

Do we need Christendom?

First of all, what is it?

Jesuit Father Robert McTeigue offers two answers, a positive and a negative one. 

Read the essay at The National Catholic Register.

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