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Month July 2023

Catholic Universities Promote Abortion, Transgenderism

Associate Editor Matt Lamb recently joined “The Catholic Current” with Fr. Robert McTeigue, a Jesuit Catholic priest, to discuss higher education, particularly Catholic universities…

Keep reading at The College Fix.

Knights On a Darkling Plain

“Still upon the ramparts, Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J., picks up the sword of his fallen Jesuit brother and lands a deft blow with his Christendom Lost and Found: Meditations for a Post Post-Christian Era as he battles the demons masquerading and wandering through the world seeking the ruin of souls.”

Read this review of Christendom Lost and Found by Kevin P. Shields, Managing Director of the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal.

The Front Line with Joe & Joe: Interview with Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J.

Joe and Joe interview Fr. McTeigue about his new book “Christendom Lost and Found: Meditations for a Post Post-Christian Era”.

Listen to the interview on The Frontline with Joe and Joe.

Catholic Hospitals & Health-Care Providers Pushing Trans Policies & Surgeries: Dr. Duke Interviews Father Robert McTeigue, S.J.

Dr. Duke talks with Father Robert McTeigue, S.J. about the bombshell report that Catholic Health Systems are surreptitiously performing trans-care, including puberty blockers and surgeries.

Watch the interview on Freedom Project Media

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