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Catholic Hospitals & Health-Care Providers Pushing Trans Policies & Surgeries: Dr. Duke Interviews Father Robert McTeigue, S.J.

Dr. Duke talks with Father Robert McTeigue, S.J. about the bombshell report that Catholic Health Systems are surreptitiously performing trans-care, including puberty blockers and surgeries.

Watch the interview on Freedom Project Media

Interview: Anchor Team 121: Catholic Healthcare and the Image of God

Michael and Fr. McTeigue, host of “The Catholic Current” on the Station of the Cross radio station, discuss the recent bombshell report on CommonSpirit Health and its performance of transgender surgeries. Rather than rehashing the entire report, which can be read by going to the Lepanto Institute, they discuss the moral and spiritual ramifications of what CommonSpirit is doing, the Church’s structure around CommonSpirit, and what can or should be done about it.

Father Robert McTeigue Discusses The Abuse Of Tolerance

Dr. Duke and Father Robert McTeigue Talk about the Abuse of Tolerance.

Watch the interview on the Freedom Project Media.

THE FRONTLINE with Joe & Joe: Fr. Robert McTeigue: Christendom – Lost & Found

Father discusses his new book ‘Christendom – Lost & Found’ on THE FRONTLINE with Joe & Joe.

Pastors to Newsmax: Defense of Trans Community Sparks War on Church

“We are witnessing now a war against the church, against Christ, against creator, against creation, against creature, and anyone who’s familiar with the scriptures should not be surprised by this,” McTeigue told “The Chris Salcedo Show.

See this interview on Newsmax.

Dr. Duke Interviews Father Robert McTeigue, S.J.

Dr. Duke has an important conversation with Father Robert McTeigue about the current state of Christian theology, and the anti-gospel mutation of social-justice Christianity.

Watch the interview on the Freedom Project Media.

Lenten Speakers’ Series at Star of the Sea Church

Father McTeigue discusses his new book, ‘Christendom Lost and Found’.

Fr. Robert McTeigue On Spiritual Warfare And A Brief History of Our Annihilation

Watch the Bannon War Room interview.

Bannon’s War Room: The Importance of Lent

Fr. McTeigue on A Catholic Take with Joe McClane

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